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In the center of the Administration Hall is the Archive Area, which contains the Archive, the Archive Administration. A related area is the Reading Room.

The Great Archive is a massive structure which contains many thousands of files and which functions as a metaphor of "Memory" and "Recollection". It is the dominating image of the Administration Hall.

The list of all available files contained within the Archive is found in the Card Catalog.

These "files" are:
a) checked out, transported and distributed to be read aloud in the "Arena" and are
b) available to be loaned to the visitors for a limited time only. These files may be read in the Reading Room.

The Archive Runners
The Head Archivist
The Assistant Archivist
The Card Catalog
"Who's Who in Central & East Europe 1933"
The Archivist Internet Discussions
Q-Files: Guest Questionnaire


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