re: Reading Room Area and Single Entry Sound Cabin


In the Reading Room Area, one can take leave of the ongoing activities in the Administration Hall, Arena and Cafe to read files which are on-loan from the Archive. Catalogues and various reading materials pertaining specifically to the event and generally to memory and history are available. The atmosphere is quiet, dark and relaxed.

In the Reading Room are twelve tables, twelve lamps and twelve small loudspeakers. When a Reading Block is active in the arena (i.e. someone is reading); the corresponding lamp in the reading room will go on and the sound of the speaker's voice from the corresponding table will be heard. Thus, the ongoing event in the Arena is present in other locations within the Memory Arena complex.

The Single Entry Sound Cabin is a small room suitable for only one person to sit in on a chair. It will be situated outside the Arken Museum on a terrace. The interior has no illumination other than self-illuminated small numbers (1-12) positioned above 12 small loudspeakers on three wall of the cabin. When the corresponding Reading Block is active in the Arena; the corresponding voice is heard on the loudspeaker in the outdoor cabin. One experiences alone and in darkness the reawakening of collective memory in the Arena.


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