re: About the Administration Hall


Everyone passing through the Memory Arena Complex is processed through the Administration Hall. Crowds are first processed by over seventy bureaucratic hierarchical staff members through a labyrinth-like transit station, passing through numerous passageways, waiting and administration areas and related exhibitions. The centerpiece is a fully operational "Great Archive" from which "files" are checked out and transported to be read aloud in the second space, the "Arena".

The bureaucratic labyrinth is made up of a maze of passageways on multiple levels in which personnel, at 10 to 15 stations, take tickets, issue instructions, keep, search and distribute records, inform other personnel, and direct the visitors and guests through a people processing transit hall. Video monitors inform the visitors as to the progress of the ongoing event which is simultaneously taking place in the Arena.

Located in the Administration Hall is also the Control Central, where all functions of the Memory Arena are administered including Video Projection, Lighting, Sound, etc. Control Central is also the operational base of the Head Protocolist, who oversees all staff members in all spaces and is who ultimately is in charge of the entire mechanism of the Memory Arena Complex.

The Administrative personnel coordinate the event among the seven hundred readers, the public, and the hierarchical staff of archivists and bureaucrats, making sure that each individual and each archive file is at the correct place at the right time and that the "
Master Protocol" is followed.


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