re: The Head Administrator/Protocolist

The Head Protocolist is responsible for the carrying out of the Master Protocol with the utmost precision and is at the "heart" of the administrative network of the Memory Arena. The Master Protocol is the master schedule for each evening.

Here the readers will be instructed as to when and where they must register; if they should go to the East & Central European Word Pronunciation Service for pronunciation instruction; here readers can call from the outside world on short notice using the HOTLINE telephone to change their appointment. At the Control Center, new volunteer readers will be called on the Public Address System when at the Registration Center/Check-In or at the Arena Administration invited readers have not shown up.
All problems having to do with the carrying out of the Master Protocol will be solved here.
All problems which are not solved here (having to do with the Master Protocol) cannot be corrected later.

Procedures: Steps to replacing a reader: (Head and Assistant Administrator)

1. Check Voluntary Reader Waiting List
2. Bump assigned Voluntary Reader to earlier Time
3. Emergency backup Reader List is composed of ten persons who are on site and are willing to read at any time
4. Draw on available staff at last resort
5. Once a reader has been found, they are called by the PA Announcer to the Protocol counter, and a Protocol Entry Form is filled out (in 3 copies). The reader is placed in the Protocol
6. If there is a change of text, one of the Protocolists fills out a Text Change Form which is sent to the Archive. (Where the new file is found and the text change form is attached to the file)


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