re: Head Archivist


Responsible during the four evenings that the Runners deliver the correct files to the Arena at the pre-determined time (according to the Protocol)
Gives assistance to the general public with the functioning of the
Card Catalog.
Organizes and archives incoming biographical questionnaires. Coordinates the checking-in and checking out of files on loan. Checks that files on loan are returned promptly. Announcements as to Files which are ready to be checked out or which should be returned are referred to the Public Address Announcer.


There are four types of files in the Archive:
1. "O" Files: Original Documents which are to be read in the Arena
2. "D" Files: Copies of these Reading Documents which are lent out
3. "A" and "T" Files which are lent out
4. "Q" Files: Questionnaires which are lent out or given in
The "O" Files are pre-arranged in the Archive. The Reading Number is written onto the call slip and stamped with the date and then the files are separated into two stacks for Tables 1-6 and Tables 7-12 and are brought to Reader Recall in the Arena by a Runner every half hour (at 10 minutes before the half hour; i.e. the first files are brought into the Arena at 7:20). Files that have been read are returned by the Runner and placed in their original position in the Archive.
The "D", "T", and "A" Files are requested by the
Public Access Counter through Order Forms which are brought to the Archive by the Runner. The Name of the Lender is filled out on the Call Slip and is stamped with the date. The order form is placed in the position of the missing document in the Archive. When a request for a document that is missing is received, it is stamped "unavailable at present" and is returned to the Public Access Counter by the Runner.
"Q" Files: When requested at the Public Access Counter and are handled as above. When new "Q" files are received from the Public Access Counter they are arranges alphabetically by MA I, II, etc.
When change of Text forms are received from the Protocol Team, they are noted in the Protocol and the appropriate changes are made in the Reading Files.


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