re: The Reading Platform (Lower Level)


The Reading Platform contains 12 reading tables and chairs which are positioned equidistantly. Each Reading Table is monitored and serviced by an Arena Archivist who sits on the middle level. The Readers are instructed by the Archivist who hands the Reader his or her text. The Reading tables are separated from the public by a narrow roped off area. Since the Readers are not amplified and the public can come within 1.5 meters of the Reading Table, the event takes on an extremely intimate quality for Reader and Public alike. The reading times are 3, 6 and 12 minutes long and are assigned according to the Master Protocol.


On this platform takes place the ongoing public reading from "Who's Who in Central & East Europe 1933" which represents the focal point of the "Memory Arena" event. 700 Artists, Writers, Politicians, Intellectuals, Functionaries, Foreign Residents, etc. from the city-site, well-known and unknown; will be invited to read for a limited period of time within a fixed time structure by the Reader Acquisition Team. From one to twelve "invited guests" and "applicants from the public" read simultaneously in the native and additional foreign languages.

In reflecting the past in the present, a politician might be given a text to read which concerns revolutionary figures in the Austro-Hungarian empire; a theater critic may be given a list of theater pieces or newspapers from Central and East Europe between the wars, a worker at the zoo might read a text about a director of a zoological institute, and so on.

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