re: Arena Archivists Platform (Middle Level)

The twelve Arena Archivists sit behind the Readers on the middle level and control if the correct file for the correct Reader has arrived from the Archive and in is in the correct order at his station.
They turn the reading lamps on and off when the reading begins and ends.
They give a glass of water to the reader, instructs him as to how to carry out the reading, and generally tries to calm down the reader and make him or her feel conformable.
They make sure that the
Main Protocol is carried out here at the last stage of the entire operation.
After the reading the Reader is asked to sign a copy of Dreyblatt's Book: "
Who's Who in Central & East Europe 1933".

Each reading block is under the control of an archivist. The archivists follow the Main Protocol, signal their readers and scribes as to when to stop and start by turning on and off signal lights hung above each station, keep general order in their block and report difficulties to the head administrator. The archivist is responsible for coordinating the files which contain the text or text fragments which have been pre-chosen for each reader. Each archiving station consists of a table, a lamp, and one chair each for incoming and outgoing readers, and a chair for the archivist.


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