re: Invited Reader Registration (Check-In, Introductory Lecture)


The 700 Readers have been invited by the Reader Acquisition Team, who usually begins functioning approximately 6 months before the event takes place within the specific city-site.
The readers are given an introductory lecture (in small groups) as to the specific requirements of participation during the evening as well as general information about the event.: i.e. when they are to report to the
Arena Administration - Reader Recall Station, descriptions of the reading process, and general description of the various spaces, stations, and functions within the entire Memory Arena complex.
The readers are also offered the possibility to fill out a
Personal Biography Questionnaire and are told where to give it in to the Archive.


The readers receive a namebadge.
All invited readers are given full written instructions as to what is expected of them: how long and when they will read, Check-In time, etc.
When a reader does not arrive to the appointed time, this information must be given immediately to the
Protocolists in the Control Center by Telephone.
The Check-In Registration Station is very important. It is the first impression of the event that the invited readers will experience. The lecture is memorized and practiced beforehand and often "overwhelms" the listeners with detailed information which is only partially retained.

Introductory Lecture:
Good Evening and welcome to the Memory Arena.
I would ask you to listen carefully to the information which will be presented to you at this time.
Approximately one-half hour after this Orientation you will called over the Public Address System. Please report immediately to the Administrator in the Arena. Unfortunately, your reading position must be reassigned if you have not reported to the Arena Administrator at least five minutes before your scheduled reading. In that case, a new reading position can be applied for at the Voluntary Reader Counter. Please be aware that the Public Address Announcements can be heard throughout the entire Museum, with the exception of the Arena.
From the Arena Administration, you will be escorted to your reading table. There you will receive your text and will be given further instructions.

In the center of the Administration Hall to your right is the Archive. The Archive contains several categories of files including the texts that you will be reading in the Arena this evening. The archive holdings are made available for lending. Please ask at the Public Access Counter for assistance.
The archive is continually updated with information from the present time and place. If you wish to submit a Personal Biography Questionnaire please make a request at the end of this orientation.
You may inform yourself as to the most current state of the ongoing readings in the Arena by consulting the Protocol Chart which is located in the Cafe at the end of this walkway.
For any questions concerning your reading time, please report to the Protocol Counter in the Control Center.
For advanced information research please report to the Hypertext Navigation Center at the front end of the Administration Hall.
Complaints will be taken only by the Head Administrator located in the Control Center.
All other questions will be handled at Information which is located at the rear end of the Hall.
Eating, Drinking and Smoking are allowed only in the Cafe. We wish to remind you that other exhibitions in the Arken Museum are open this evening and that you may re-enter the Memory Arena when you wish.

We hope that you have a pleasant stay in the Memory Arena. May I offer anyone a Personal Biography Questionnaire.


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