re: Hypertext Navigation Room


"Who's Who" and "Memory Arena" On-Line and On-Site Hypertext Installation

In association with the Kulturinformatik Department of the University of Lüneburg, Germany; Martin Warnke, Director.
"Who's Who" programming by: Paul Siegert and Carmen Wedemeier
"Memory Arena" programming and web design by: Beatrix Brandes, Frank Derricks, Christian Hildebrandt, Eva Johach und Kristina Reichel

The "Memory Arena" and "Who's Who in Central & East Europe 1933" have been both programmed as a hypertext interactive environment for a World Web Site on the Internet and a catalog to be distributed as a CD-Rom. This material will be available locally with the "Memory Arena" as an installation in the Administration Hall.

An enclosed room stands within the Administration Hall which contains three computers and monitors. The Staff assists the visitors navigating through the "Memory Arena" and the "Who's Who" on CD-ROM. The results of these navigations are visible simultaneously on monitors on the outside walls of the room.


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