re: "T"


110 chronological selections from International Secret Service Archive document the life and times of a forgotten Central European historical figure whose multiple identities span three continents and touch on many of the most important events of the pre-war period. In comparison to the collection of hundreds of individual stories upon which "Who's Who in Central & East Europe 1933" is based; the improbable but real life of "T" seems to include a collection of lifelines and events within one individual. Dreyblatt has collected over 3,000 pages of original documents from State Archives in Europe and North America. These "original" archive documents were digitized and "faked" by specially developed printing techniques applied to the reverse side of Postwar East German archival pages, posing question about the "identity" of both the subject's personality and the documents themselves.

These materials will form the basis for the next project of Arnold Dreyblatt and Fred Pommerehen, entitled: "T".


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