re: Mass Memory Storage


In the exhibition area are presented information in various media (Video projection, information cards, objects, etc.) which deal with the subject of Mass Memory Storage.

1) "The Church" has been collecting and storing the personal data from over 15 Million persons from around the world for over 50 years in 1.6 million rolls of microfilm which are stored in Utah in the Western United States in a cave safe from nuclear attack. Each year 30,000 new rolls are added and the material is made accessible to the public at Family History Centers worldwide. This project is the largest of its kind ever conceived, and as its goal seeks to collect store, and digitize all genealogically useful information which can be located before eventual disappearance. This project was the inspiration for the creation of the "Great Archive" and "Memory Arena".
2) "The Company" developed a robotic Mass Storage System in the 1970's which files are ordered and physically moved by a robot monk/librarian. Newer developments document contemporary digital storage "Silos" which store information for banks and the military. A video installation illustrates the self-destruction of a robotic mass data storage machine. Another company stores information in an abandoned Salt Mine in Colorado with storage space equivalent to 43 football fields.
3) Archivist Discussions
A collection of discussion on the Internet between international Archive and Record Managers about topics related to the storage of information. The material has been collected by Arnold Dreylatt over a number of years. Themes include: decay of archival materials, natural disasters, filing systems, technological advances in record management, the Patron Saint of Archiving, etc.
These discussions are presented as an interactive digital discussion on computer monitors in the Exhibition Area.

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